Birthday: January 1, 1759
The Paul Reveres: Vocals, Guitar

Has more in common with Mike Score and Prince than he does with Johnny Rotten or Joey Ramone, but, hey, he’s trying. Paul’s the youngest member of The Paul Reveres, but that doesn’t mean he’s the least qualified. Brought up musically by his late friend Allen, Paul is determined to fight against the British at all costs.


Birthday: June 11, 1757
The Paul Reveres: Bass

Woman want him and men want to be him… except when he’s passed out drunk in a back alley… or when he’s making special time with the wives of British generals… Yeah, maybe no one actually wants to be him. When he’s not participating in extracurricular activities, Warren is apprentice to a prominent doctor in Boston.


Birthday: October 30, 1757
The Paul Reveres: Drums

Boy from New Jersey, knows drums and meat-filled pies. Invited up to Boston by his close friend, Warren, per Sam Adams’ request.


Birthday: January 14, 1755
The Union Jack-Offs: Vocals, Keytar

What he lacks in height, he makes up for in spirit. Handpicked all members of The Union Jack-Offs and tries his hardest to keep everyone in the band at peace with each other… which isn’t an easy job!


Birthday: August 5, 1753
The Union Jack-Offs: Bass

Mysterious loyalist who opposes everything Sam Adams and everything General Gage. Doesn’t like sunshine, women, liquor, and doesn’t wanna be on the beach! No fun!


Birthday: November 13, 1757
The Union Jack-Offs: Guitar, Drums

It’s joked there’s always a good twin and a bad twin. Well this is the bad one… plays a mean EDS-1275 though, so it makes up for his past. Henry joined up with Gage’s army to take time off his prison sentence and to spend some more quality time with his brother.


Birthday: November 13, 1757
The Union Jack-Offs: Drums, Guitar

It’s tough to find a good drummer and apparently even tougher to find one without a prison record. Convicted for his brother’s crime as well, Edward joined up with Gage’s army to take time off his prison sentence.

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