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In this alternate reality of The American Revolution, battles are fought with electric guitars and loud music! Tension is rising in Boston, as the colonial militia band, The Paul Reveres, square off against the British regiment, The Union Jack-Offs, in this epic radtacular pursuit of life, liberty, and PUNK ROCK!

The Paul Reveres is written and drawn by Tina Pratt and updates every Monday.

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About the Creator

Tina Pratt is a graphic designer with a degree in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design. At SCAD she co-founded “Shoujo Phonebook” (now called “Comic Phonebook”), a comics anthology club in 2003. She lives in New Hampshire with Louis, the French Bulldog, Babette, the pug, and Bert, the orange terror cat.

She’s been known to waste lots of otherwise productive time on her Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and sometimes keeping her portfolio site up to date.

E-mail: tina (at) ensho (dot) net