The Hessians, finally! One of them has a beard, I know it’s risky, but we needed at least one beard here.

I like to think that Warren is pretty superstitious. Remember when he thought Allen was a zombie? I’d watch a ghost hunting show with him for sure.

↓ Transcript
Suddenly, the forest gets dark and eerie. The fog is creeping in at an alarming rate and makes it difficult to see anything except a distant yellow light that is bobbing up and down in the darkness.

The Paul Reveres huddle together nervously.

“How did it get so dark and cold all of a sudden?” Toby asked while hiding behind Warren. He peeked out again and added, “Do you guys see that light?”

Warren takes a big gulp and responds, “A… GHOST?”

Shaking from the cold, Paul responds, “No, those aren’t real! RIGHT?!”

As the light approaches, a small handheld lantern can be seen swinging through the fog. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the Hessians appear. Their leader, a giant man probably about a foot taller than his bandmates, is holding the lantern which is barely illuminating his features. He has dark, long hair which is tied up in a bun on top of his head, a pointy jawline beard, large dark eyebrows, dark gothic eye makeup, and pointy shark-like teeth. Like his bandmates, he’s wearing a green coat with red facings with silver buttons, beige breeches, and tall black boots, but carries his guitar, a Schecter Hellraiser in Purple Burst, behind him.

His Hessian bandmates include a large, round man with long blonde hair covering his left eye, a thick handlebar mustache, a black eyepatch over his right eye, and carrying a bass guitar over his shoulder. The lead guitarist is a skinny man who carries a red B.C. Rich Warbeast guitar, his long brown hair covers his eyes, but can’t cover his large septum pierced nose, and what he calls a mustache which is a group of thin hairs that happen to lie above his upper lip. The drummer is an older man, slightly overweight with large, soft hands, and a round face with a large grey mustache. Despite his right eye being closed and scarred, his missing tooth, and spikes on his shoulders, he looks very friendly. In the shadows, a broad-shouldered man with long red hair and a massive beard looks annoyed at the drummer. He’s carrying what looks like a violin.

Soldiers, obscured by shadow behind the Hessian band, are peering out at The Paul Reveres. Their eyes glistening in the lantern’s light.

The drummer waves his large, kind hand, and says, “Hallo.”

The large man with the lantern quickly talks over him in the same foreign language, “Don’t be afraid, little ones! We will make this quick. Just not painless.”