Has Paul been through enough yet? If these pages keep going like this, he’s going to turn into an emo kid if I’m not careful.

↓ Transcript
Paul scruffs his dog and heads out into the farmyard where a flock of chickens is foraging through the dirt and grass. Jennie, a teenage girl a little older than Paul with brown hair tucked under a white frilly cap, wearing a blue dress, waits for him anxiously.

Paul, still stuck in his own world, whines, “Sis, guess what Snickers just did?”

Impatient for her slow brother, she yells to him frantically, “PAUL, LISTEN! There are soldiers searching through the house! Get over here!”

Paul drops the dog and rolls up his sleeves exposing his skinny arms, making a fist exclaiming, “GREAT. Let me at ‘em!”

Frustrated, Jennie replies, “Are you STUPID?! Get your guitar!”

Oblivious to the situation, Snickerdoodle decides that her next victim is a chicken. She barks and runs over to it, tripping Paul. As the flock of chickens scatter, he falls to the ground.

Hurt and with a bloody nose, Paul realizes that a horse’s hoof is suddenly right in front of his face. Above, he hears a man yell, “OI!” in a snotty British accent.

As Paul looks up, he sees a rather small British soldier named Benedict with a large white mohawk, face piercings, and a blue keytar with the Union Jack painted on it strapped to his back. The soldier is riding a smaller than average grey appaloosa horse and if it wasn’t for the horse’s goofy pink tongue hanging out of its mouth like a dog, its rider’s grin would have been most sinister.

Confidently, the soldier looks down on Paul and laughs, “Just the kid we’re looking for.”