That William guy doesn’t have to be so creepy all the time. Really.

Also, Snickerdoodle may be showing some compassion here… or maybe she just wants the hand back?

↓ Transcript
Frantic, he tries to pull the dog off her hand. He cries, “Get it off! GET IT OFF!”

He calms down and holds his hand out away from him. Snickerdoodle is dangling still attached to his hand. Defeated, Benedict pleads, “Kid, come get your dog off me…”

Edward and Henry reluctantly let go of Paul. Paul quickly runs over to his dog and smugly says, “DROP IT Snickers! You don’t know where that hand has been!”

Paul pulls her off Benedict. He reassures her, “GOOD GIRL! Let go!”

Benedict is distraught that he needed help and more distraught that his hand is mangled by the dog. His hand, bright red, is riddled with bites. He holds his palm out to inspect it and starts to ramble in panic, “AAARGH! My Hand! My beautiful hand! Your dog is a horrible zombie beast-”

“HEY!”, Willie interrupts.

Benedict continues to ramble frantically, “She should be put down or something! I’ll never be able to play music-“

“Hey! Hey!”, Willie interrupts a little louder this time.

In the chaos, Paul tries to sneak away. Snickerdoodle, somehow upset that she hurt Benedict’s hand, reaches out her paw to him.

Not to be ignored this time, Willie emerges from the shed holding the two broken pieces of Paul’s guitar. He angrily snarls at Paul, “What the hell happened to this guitar, Paul? This is not the way you got it.”