What’s this? An update on Tuesday?! That’s right! In case you missed my blog post last Thursday, I’m changing the update schedule to twice a week. You will now get a new page every Tuesday and Friday!

LOL at Wee Willie. Zombie pets and sailor talk make for good comics. Maybe. Also, if you’ve never poked something dead with a stick then you didn’t have much of a childhood. Go do yourself a favor right now and find something dead to poke with a stick.

↓ Transcript
William turns away towards the shed to retrieve the guitar and leaves the dog unconscious in the dirt. Paul, unable to get free from the twins’ grasp, yells, “SNICKERS!”

William turns back briefly to face Paul, “Sorry Kid. These things happen when you join the wrong side.”

Angered, Paul snaps back, “What would you know?! The British have killed my friends and-“

William quickly interrupts, “I’m not interested in your story.”

Meanwhile, Benedict starts poking Snickerdoodle’s lifeless body with a stick he found nearby. He hovers over the dog joking, “Geez, Willie. I think you killed it.”

Annoyed, Willie replies, “Call me ‘Willie’ again and I’ll kill you too.”

“Willie! Temper!,” Benedict quips.

Awoken by the bickering, Snickerdoodle leaps up and bites down hard on Benedict’s left band. In a panic, he lifts the dog up while she’s still attached to his hand and waves her about. He screams, “HEY!”