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Still holding his dog, Paul responds, “How would you know what it looked like when I got it?”

Willie stares Paul down in awkward silence.

He finally responds, but ignoring Paul’s question and addressing his bandmates, “We got what we came for. Let’s go boys.”

Willie starts to walk back towards their horses with the broken guitar. Benedict rushes up to him, reaching his hand up high so that it can reach Willie’s face. He’s still frantic about his injuries, “WAIT! Look what that dog did to my hand!”

Willie looks down at Benedict and replies calmly, “Yeah? What do you want me to do about it?”

“Kiss it,” Benedict responds as he moves his hand a little closer to Willie’s face.

Willie quickly smacks the small, mangled hand, “No.”

Benedict shrinks back in pain and inspects his abused hand while the rest of his band gathers the horses and begins to leave.

As Willie leads his horse towards the twins, he takes over for their leader and orders, “Let’s go. We still have to find Adams.”

Ignoring any chain of command, Henry, holding Benedict’s horse, replies, “HEY BENEDICT! I’ll kiss it!”