Paul is being Patriotic before his time.

↓ Transcript
Visibly upset, Paul responds, “You were hiding there the whole time?”

From behind the stone wall, Jennie peeks back out hesitating slightly. “…No? Well, maybe, those guys were scary!”

Paul, accepting what his sister said was true, flops to the wet ground. The rain pounds his face as he replies in the whiniest way possible, “Then you must have heard what they said about me. I’M A LOSER!”

Snickerdoodle pulls an earthworm up out of the ground almost breaking it in two near Paul’s face, adding to his misery.

Jennie walks over to him confidently, apparently used to this kind of behavior from her little brother, and comforts with, “You’re related to me. You can’t be that much of a loser. Get up!

She helps Paul off the ground and tries to reason with him further, “Besides, shouldn’t you go get the band and get your guitar back?”

“Yeah, I should but,” Paul starts to reply meekly.

Jennie interrupts him and adds, “What was that? I can’t hear you. You said you’re going into Boston to punch the British in the face, right?”

Her words suddenly turned a switch back on in Paul’s mind as he suddenly gets his overwhelming sense of patriotism back. He leaps into action with Snickerdoodle and the earthworm, who is still in one piece, by his side and declares, “YEAH! A punch in the face for LIBERTY!”