I always think it’s great when people get extra grumpy according to the situation. However, I’ve never considered killing someone as the alternative… well, maybe. And, yeah, the twins are supposed to be extra creepy all the time.

↓ Transcript
Taken back by her brother’s sudden burst of patriotism replies, “OKAY, OKAY. I get your enthusiasm!”

Back to reality, Paul remembers mother nature isn’t cooperating.

“But, you know what? I think I’m going to wait a minute. The rain is probably going to get worse.”

Jenny replies, “Yeah, you’d have to be pretty dumb to ride into Boston in this rain.”

Meanwhile, The Union Jack-Offs (the British band) are on their long, rain-soaked journey back into Boston. Benedict, Henry, and Edward are trying to make use of their uniform coats to protect their instruments from the downpour. Willie doesn’t seem to care, but as always, is scowling.

Mentally defeated and with his mohawk slicked flat to his head from the rain, Benedict grumbles, “I feel dumb.”

Henry, helping his twin cover their guitar as they walk behind Benedict and Willie who get the luxury of riding horseback, whispers to his brother, “I’m telling you. No one will notice if you kill him.”

Managing to hear a muttering of what was said over the rain, Benedict nervously laughs over the twins’ horrifying conversation, “Oh, heh-heh. How you boys doing back there? Y’know, I was thinking I could ask Gage to get you a horse. Would you like that?”

The twins stop in their tracks. Edward stares back menacingly as Edward creepily smiles replying, “TWO horses. We don’t share liquor, women, or horses. So, yeah, we’ll be needing two of them.”