Oh yeah, he has a sister. I remember her now.

Also, Snickerdoodle looks like she found a worm. What will she do with it?

↓ Transcript
Paul tries to hold back a giggle, but it’s no use. Benedict is less than thrilled that a teenage boy has the nerve to giggle at him. He leans over his horse and looks down at Paul, “Oh, wow. You really think you should be laughing at ME? Didn’t you just let us take your guitar? Shouldn’t I be laughing at you for being a damn weenie?”

“Weenie?” Paul questions, taken back by the choice of insult.

Willie, also on his horse, turns his reins so that he’s looking back at Paul and says, “Hey, kid. Did you give up because you know you’re fighting for the wrong side? You should think about where your loyalties NEED to lie so we don’t have to meet like this again.”

Smugly, Benedict waves at a defeated Paul as he leaves and adds, “Yeah, well, we’ll be seeing you Paulsie! Say ‘Hi’ to Sam Adams for me!”

“Don’t worry about it. We’ll be seeing him soon enough…” Willie replies as The Union Jack-Offs leave.

Paul, accepting his embarrassing defeat, kneels down in the dirt in which Snickerdoodle has found her latest victim, an earthworm. He stares at her blankly, bothered by what Benedict called him, and mutters, “Paulsie?”

Jennie, who has apparently been hiding this whole time, sneaks out behind a stone wall. Concerned, she calls out to her little brother, “Paul?”