Oh yeah, Benedict’s eyes are blue.

↓ Transcript
Benedict’s horse leans in towards Henry’s face. Henry asks her, “You want a kiss too?”

His blue eyes wide, Benedict gets overly sentimental, “Aww! See how sweet she is?! All animals should be just as kind. Not psycho like that stupid dog.”

Unimpressed, Henry holds the horse and dryly says, “Yeah, that’s great. Are we going or what? Get on the horse.”

Benedict looks up questioningly, “Um, could you help me up?”

With one hand on his hip, Henry looks down at Benedict baffled. After a short pause, he finally gives in to start helping Benedict reach the horse’s back.

“YES!” Benedict quickly shouts.

Excited, Benedict quickly crawls up Henry as if he were stairs.

Henry mutters, “What the hell?!”

Paul, still holding Snickerdoodle, watches this whole awkward scene unfold.

He leans to Snickerdoodle and whispers loudly, “British people are weird.”

“No, not all of us. It’s just him,” Henry, his liberty spikes bent and tousled, replies.

Now on the horse, Benedict is finally able to look down at Henry. Angry, he shouts, “HEY! Respect me!”