As I had mentioned earlier, I spend my birthday last week taking the day off work and heading down to Minute Man National Historical Park in Massachusetts.

I had more fun than I probably should have. I think I remember going on field trips to places like this when I was in grade school and not really liking it too much. I never would have thought that I’d willingly want to go learn about history on my birthday. I probably just always assumed I’d be cooler when I was 26. XD

Oh well.

I had a really great time taking photos and seeing the actual places I will be drawing in the next issue of the comic. I also picked up some cool books about 18th century clothing and one specifically about April 19, 1775 with reenactment photographs taken throughout the park. Pretty cool.

I’m definitely going to head down there again in April for Patriot’s Day. I hear they have some cool reenactment stuff that’d I’d love to go to. If you’re ever in the area, I would highly suggest a trip to this place. I dorked out ALL DAY. Make sure you check out the photo gallery I put together below this post. There are stupid captions and everything!

View Gallery:

Click on a photo and you can click on the left side of the expanded picture to move through the photos like a little slideshow:

Paul Revere Capture Site Drawing of Paul Revere. Weird. The guitar is missing? Monument at the Paul Revere Capture site Weapon of the Day: Tight pants! Kids: Don't try this at home.
There were a couple of these along the path. Kind of sad. :/ Coming up to the Captain William Smith House Captain William Smith House Captain William Smith House Samuel Hartwell House Site
Chimney inside Samuel Hartwell House Site Coming up to the Hartwell Tavern Itty Bitty Chippy Break The Hartwell Tavern Reenactor with a gun. Totally came out of nowhere.
There was a chick too. The Hartwell Tavern Gun is fired. Post Firing. Inside the Hartwell Tavern
Fireplace inside the Hartwell Tavern An inch of dust. Yummy! Make me some food with those pans! Spinning Wheel Reenactor answers a stupid question about The Last of the Mohicans. WTF. Shed thing outside the Hartwell Tavern
Overgrown garden FENCES! Seating in the Hartwell Tavern Bar area in the Hartwell Tavern Boston Massacre Drawing
Another shot of the Hartwell Tavern Rock wall and fence Fence again... New looking barn Burial Site Marker
Walking along the path More stone wall/fence combo Gate and little building Marker near the Captain William Smith House
Guide and group we found at the North Bridge in Concord Marker for British Soldiers' grave Sad or Creepy? Sad. T.T; View from the North Bridge
The North Bridge The North Bridge Little building with dock The North Bridge View from the North Bridge
Minute Man statue sculpted by Daniel Chester French Minute Man statue sculpted by Daniel Chester French Minute Man statue sculpted by Daniel Chester Frenc Base of Minute Man Statue Nice ass of Minute Man statue
Minute Man statue back view Minute Man statue side view It's a rock. Scenery around the North Bridge The fairy from Ferngully would be pissed.
Far away shot of the North Bridge Far away shot of the Minute Man statue Garden near the North Bridge Visitor's Center North Bridge Visitor's Center 18th Century British fanny pack
Cannon Lookin' sharp! The guitar is missing. Guns?