It’s that time again to post some of the awesome pieces of fan art I’ve gotten. You can click on the thumbnails and view the artwork on the artists’ Deviant Art pages.

The Uniocorns | By Dark Yukari
If you want to see William and Benedict in drag here’s your chance… I can’t think of when it would fit into the comic. LOL. Perhaps there are ways. Y’know, I think Benedict looks like he’s enjoying this, or maybe just isn’t upset enough.
Edward from Union Jack-Offs | By SkulduggeryGirl13
I’m pretty sure SkulduggeryGirl13 was the twins’ first fangirl! I was really surprised to get fan art of one of them. It’s Edward too. Did you know that’s the good one? Well, good enough anyhow.
Classically Punked | By SkulduggeryGirl13
LOL. Benedict says “No Thanks” to classical music. Well, maybe it’s more serious than “No Thanks.” Benedict is kind of a spaz. XD