After sleeping about 16 hours since I got home from Anime Boston, I thought I’d write up a little post, you know, since it was AWESOME. Had cramped quarters this year half-tabling it, something I probably WON’T do again. It was crazy.

I’d like to say hi and welcome to all the people I met at the con and new readers! It was great to meet you all and I hope I get to see you again! It was also great seeing the same people that come by my table every year. It was awesome to see everyone!

The highlight of the whole convention, however, was the very first Paul Reveres cosplay! A Paul and a Johnny! Check out their mega awesome cosplay on the right. Paul had fuschia hair and Johnny even had the hand scar! Super detail oriented! Got to talk to them a lot during the con too. Cool people!

I also got to talk to some of my favorite con people, Shawn Handyside of Halolz and Dirk Tiede from Paradigm Shift. I didn’t get to make the rounds in the Artist’s Alley like I should have, but I got to talk to some other awesome people; Cathryn from C’Lay La Vie, Christine who I commissioned a clay Scraggy, Doctor Pikman from the twitters and my Words with Friends buddy (OMG I DON’T REMEMBER YOUR REAL NAME, I SUCK), and my friend James who I hadn’t seen in like TWO YEARS.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures from this con and I wasn’t exactly 100% there in mind the whole time either. This totally has to be the last time I start working on con prep a week before a show. I probably got like 5 hours of sleep all weekend too because I had to keep making new merch all night after each con day. Exhausting.

I’ve also included a picture of my Woobat Pokemon plush I bought because I’m an adult and I can buy what I want. XD

The next convention on the list is PortConMaine at the end of June. After that, I have ConnectiCon in July which could prove to be awesome if they’d only open up table registration. We’ll see what happens with that.

I’ll be updating the Paul Reveres web store in the next week or so with Issue #4, the Union Jack-Offs t-shirt leftovers and finally, maybe, the super secret items that didn’t arrive in time for Anime Boston, but are totally awesome so, therefore, worth the wait.