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Tee hee! Swear I’m having way too much fun with this boy band stuff. It’s just an excuse to make everything ridiculous. Hope you don’t prefer muscular men on your boy band wallpapers. ‘Cause they ain’t here!

Inspiration for this came from a certain Shinee music video which I have been forcing those I love to watch. You should watch it. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Hope you all have a good weekend! As you’re reading this I should be at Anime Boston’s Artist Alley (table #89). I’m laying out my table 50% Paul Reveres and 50% fanart things. My sister and her boyfriend :| are helping run that half of the table so I can hide on the cool side. My sister is selling some adorable plush items she made including Missingno (the glitch Pokemon) Mascots as well as chibi Creeper (Minecraft monster) dolls! They are all quite adorable.

I’ll have the Union Jack-Off’s t-shirts I mentioned last week. I have a limited supply, so if you want one in a particular size or color, come early!

I’m super excited for this weekend. I hear there will be a Johnny and Paul cosplay going around. Can’t wait!