Anime Boston is always one of the best cons for meeting readers of the comic and seeing friends. I had a great time this year and it was awesome to debut Volume 1 for sale for the first time! There’s something special about having a big stack of books on your table. I told my friends that it makes me feel legit. XD The little issues are still rad and people were still interested in buying them. Most notably, Heather from the Old State House came by and got all four issues to share with her coworkers. After reading halfway through the first issue she cam back to my table. She mentioned that maybe her coworkers wouldn’t appreciate it, as they are the “stuffy” historical types, but she LOVED IT and invited me to go by the South Meeting House and get a special tour to the tower and ring the bell.

On thing, SUPER RAD.

And another thing, getting new readers for the comic that have never seen it online is great and I love it every time it happens. All the stress included in getting ready for these shows is definitely worth it at the end of the day.

I hope you’re seeing the hunky sketch of Warren to the right there, ‘cause it was drawn by Lora Innes of The Dreamer and I FINALLY got to meet her! There’s photographic proof floating around on her twitter account, but I’ll spare you my mug. Let’s go back to the sketch for a moment, just look at him. Lora draws the hottest guys, hands down. I hope she never uses her power for evil. I would use it for evil.

In addition to new people, I also met loyal readers such as the ever awesome Mabel and Finn (the Johnny and Paul cosplayers from last year) and Kari! I also got to see my friends, Dana, Kori Michele of Prince of Cats and Dirk Tiede of Pardigm Shift. Some type of family sized pupu platter might have been had at 1 am at some point. The weekend kinda blurred from lack of sleep, which always seems to happen.

I also got some nice goodies from other AA people. Check out my haul on the left. I picked up The Dreamer graphic novels, Dreamer Pins, Issue 1 of Prince of Cats, Issue 1 of Shounen Fight, Dana’s awesome shopping bag and 2Masters.

So, all in all, a great year again at Anime Boston. Hope I beat the insane rush to get a table so I can be there again next year!