The same A Flock of Seagulls mention again? OLD. I apologize, but there was this sun with a baby’s face and wanted to hear it again! AGAIN!

↓ Transcript
Benedict pulls his horse around and gets in front of Paul who’s still on the ground, and taunts, “Y’know, you’re a lot easier to find than we thought. I would think Sam Adams would keep his best musician hidden.”

He leans over his horse so that he’s even closer to Paul and whispers, “But just because that LOSER likes you, doesn’t mean you’re any good.”

Paul remains dumbfounded on the ground.

Three soldiers arrive behind Benedict, his bandmates in their band, the Union Jack-Offs. Benedict leans over and calls to them, “Hey, you two help up our friend.”

He was addressing a pair of twins named Edward and Henry. The twins were identical in appearance with matching light blue liberty spike mohawks, multiple facial piercings, and identical full body tattoos. Unlike his brother, Edward was wearing a blue coat with red facings and white striped sleeves and carries an 18th century military drum. His brother, Henry, is wearing the typical red British uniform with blue facings, but he refuses to wear a shirt underneath so that everyone can see his tattoos. Henry is carrying a Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck guitar on his back. They are also both wearing identical frowns.

Edward confides to his brother, “I hate when he gives orders.”

A tall lanky man named William with multiple facial piercings, shaved green checkered hair, and carrying a Gibson white ‘70s Flying V bass guitar, sits on his horse behind the twins. His face is covered with a black bandanna with an upside down skull and crossbones on it, but you can tell he’s not happy.

William leans down towards the twins and orders, “Just do it.”

Reluctantly, the twins pull Paul off of the ground by his arms. Henry stares at Paul’s bangs and says, “Your hair is stupid.”

Delighted, Benedict thinks out loud, “Oh wow! It reminds me of some-“

Before he can finish his sentence, William leans over to finish it, “A Flock of Seagulls, Mike Score.”

Benedict leans back, laughing, “SHIT, you’re right. That’s funny.”

It starts to lightly rain. Benedict dismounts his horse while addressing Paul, “Well, as fun as it is, we didn’t come here to make fun of your hair. We have orders from General Gage to relive trouble-making colonists of their weapons.”

The twins hold Paul face to face with Benedict. Although Paul is rather short, it’s apparent from this angle that Benedict is even shorter. Laughing, Paul realizes, “WOW. You’re shorter than I am!”

Not impressed, Benedict gets serious and barks at Paul, “SHUT UP. Where’s your guitar?”