Welcome back! I might not have done a lot of comics in the past year and a half, but you should really see the progress on my Genshin Impact account! Doing some really good numbers there. I’m an Itto main. Let’s talk about it.

As a recap from 2021, we’re here on Long Island with The Paul Reveres and the Hessians. We’re going to be learning about their preferred genre of music really soon. Might be an easy guess if you take a look at them. Definitely not country and we’ve done rap already, so?

A new webcomic page will be uploaded here every Monday. I’m still going to be keeping the Webtoon (updates beginning of each month) and Tapas mirrors open for now, but that may change in the future. I’m not too pleased with how independent webcomic series are handled on either of those sites and the vertical scroll format is not an enjoyable format for me as a reader or creator. I had been reworking Issue 1 of this comic so I could put the pages in a vertical scroll format for webtoon, but that shit is not natural. I felt like changing to that format really only benefits sites like webtoon and ultimately their wallet. Not that The Paul Reveres would make them any money, but if everyone is uploading comics there, it adds up. I’m hoping for a 2010’s comeback with the priority for webcomics to have their own websites again, free from company control, censorship, and a rating system.

As webcomic updates continue on here, I’ll try and be more active on sites like twitter and instagram and maybe not disappear again. Paul’s counting on me. He hasn’t seen Allen in years now.

↓ Transcript
Paul squints his eyes as if that would help him hear better, “What are they saying? It’s like another language. I can’t understand them.”

Unable to help, Toby and Warren look to each other and shrug.

Determined to understand, Paul tries to break down what he heard, “’Hallo’ is ‘Hello,’ right?’ Kleinen-uh- Sche-uuuh…”

With his hands on his hips, Warren judges his friend’s knowledge, “Isn’t your family French?”

Paul slaps is own face with his hands in disbelief and snaps, “Why would it be French?!”

The large Hessian has put down the lantern and is now using his arm as a perch for the large raven that clawed at Paul’s hair. He leans into the raven, “Excellent scouting, Guntram. As usual.”

Pleased, he gives the bird a small kiss on the head.

Feeling the love, Paul puts his arms around Toby and Warren, “Aw- they look scary, but he seems nice!”

Immediately, the large Hessian and Guntram the raven turn to stare back at Paul menacingly.