Aw, man. It’s only the third page and I’ve already killed someone off. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t know it but he’s an unsavory fellow. It’ll be okay, I had to do it.

I like how I used the word “unsavory” incorrectly.

↓ Transcript
Paul wondered what Allen would see when he got into the city. He knew Allen would be overconfident, like he usually was.

He was.

Paul’s memory of the night was fuzzy, he wasn’t there and not everyone saw what had happened. Even the people that were there had their own version of the events the next morning.

At dawn, Paul read a news bulletin of the events. The paper read “MASSACRE, “MMMBOP” – A Tragic Choice” and had 4 black coffins illustrated on it, each with a skull and the initials of the people who had died that night. One of those initials was “A.W.”, for Paul’s best friend, Allen Williams.

Fighting back tears, it was then Paul realized times were changing. It was time to fight back.