Man, Sam Adams must be a lameo. Or maybe he just likes boy bands. I’m referring to Hanson during the “MMMBop” days, as whatever they’re up to now I wouldn’t know. I’m keeping it that way too.

“Mr. Blue ‘hawk” almost needs anger management classes. Who is this guy anyway, right?

↓ Transcript
Excited, Paul leaps up and starts running down the hill towards the city, “They’ve already started! Let’s Go!”

Allen pulls at Paul’s coat collar and jerks him back, “OH NO YOU DON’T!”

Angry, Allen holds Paul up by the collar and warns him, “You are not going down there! It’s dangerous! I’m not teaching you how to play the guitar so you can waste your talent with Sam Adams!”

He sets Paul down and says smugly, “Besides, can’t you hear what each side is playing? The colonists are covering a Hanson song. The British are doing a Beatles song. It’s going to be a MASSACRE down there.”

Paul is taken back, “Wow, Hanson, really? What is Sam Adams thinking?!”

Allen replies, “Well, I guess he’s not. I need to go down there and fix this.”

Paul watches with admiration behind his friend and whispers to himself, “You are so cool!”

Allen starts walking down the hill leaving Paul behind with the Fender Stratocaster. Looking back, he reassures his friend, “Keep the guitar, I’ll get it tomorrow.”

Paul, visibly stressed, admits, “Aw, my mom’s going to kill me if I come home with this. She hasn’t even seen my hair yet.”