And there’s the end of Issue 3. Hate to leave you hanging like this, but I enjoy it, so let me be happy.

Also, you’ll be hanging for a while because I’m taking a break before I start the next issue. To be precise, the comic will be back Friday, March, 5th. The reason for this? I have to get Issue 2 and 3, which includes all the bonus comics ready for print so I can have them in time for the conventions in April. So don’t think I’m going to be actually taking a break from the comic. I’m going to be working on it every friggin’ day. You have no idea how my social life will be effected by this.


Speaking of cons, I hope to see some of you this year! I’m kicking things off at Anime Boston April 2-4 and the week after that I’ll be in NYC at MoCCA. Super fun! :D

CliffsNotes Version: Next page will be posted Friday, March 5.