I’m headed out for a vacation to Colonial Williamsburg next week! Yeah, I really know how to party.

Unfortunately, that means I won’t be able to update the comic with new pages, so I’m planning something else for next week. For Tuesday, I’ll have a blog post about the day I went to Concord, MA on Patriot’s Day weekend with lots of pictures for you to see. I didn’t end up preparing anything for Friday, so I’ll see you all for regular updates again on Tuesday, May 25th!

Also, I’ll be at the Maine Comic Arts Festival on Sunday, May 23 in Portland, Maine! Hope to see some of you there, maybe!

Oh, if you follow Johnny on facebook you should also know that some awesome people have also created more character pages. It’s pretty amusing! If you want to check them out there’s pages for Benedict, Willie, Paul and Toby so far.