The Paul Reveres - 10th Anniversary

3652 DAYS!
87,648 HOURS!

I have been working on this comic for a very long time. Other webcomics have come and gone, yet we’re still here, and most importantly, you’re still here. Comics aren’t easy and webcomics can be brutal when juggling between a day job and freelance work, but there’s really nothing else that I could see myself doing with my spare time.

Gaining an audience and keeping it has been a slow uphill battle, but I’m pretty stubborn and don’t give up too easily. This story has grown since 2009, and I’m proud to where it’s gotten. I’m proud that people care about these characters and look forward to the next update. I can’t wait to keep telling this story in the coming years! There are a lot of plot points, characters, and historical events that I am super excited to finally put into the comic and I think you’ll all enjoy them.

I want to thank all my longtime readers and those I met at anime and comic cons over the past decade. It’s been great to meet some of you and to be able to interact with readers that are really invested in this story. I also want to thank all my new readers as well! It’s amazing to experience the fresh excitement when someone reads this story or learns about the story’s world for the first time. It gives me renewed hope that maybe the panels I drew 300 pages ago really aren’t completely bad (but they really are tho) and there’s hope that in the future, I will keep improving. This comic wouldn’t still be here without my readers and you’re the reason it keeps going.

Love you! (definitely in the really creepy, Johnny Tremain way)