May 2017 Florida Trip

The boys took a vacation during the comic’s hiatus in Spring 2017. I don’t know about you, but these look like the absolute worst people to invite on a trip.

Willie helped Benedict carry his luggage through Logan

Willie helped Benedict carry his luggage through Logan (not sure how he got all of that through security, to be honest). Life on the road is tough when you need THAT many haircare products. He’s also REPRESENTIN’ with some dunks.

Johnny and Paul in Key West Florida

Someone invited Johnny to Key West. Bad idea, obviously.

Johnny, yikes. It’s canon, but… yikes.

Henry puking infront of the Tea Cups. Benedict thinks this is an ideal time to take a selfie.

Henry had too many turns on the teacups. Alice was super rude too, like sure, just ignore the man. He’s sick! Like, “sick” as in look at that sick fanny pack.

Benedict is REALLY good at capturing the best moments.

Benedict and Willie trying on Disney hats

I don’t think Benedict thought through getting a Mickey Mouse hat over his ‘do.

Willie is having the amount of fun you’d expect. He’s a fun guy.

Paul, Warren, and Toby family photo in front of Cinderella's Castle.

The final day calls for a wholesome family photo. Toby loves them turkey legs.

These vacation photos were posted daily on our trip. They were originally posted on Johnny’s Facebook page.