I think I’ve finally recovered from this past weekend’s ConnectiCon, although now I have a cold. It’s been a while since I got sick from a con. Guess what? I didn’t miss it. Blah.

My sister and my BFF LinnyAnyways, it was a fun con. This was the first convention where I was promoting the webcomic by itself. Usually I have a big set-up with anime and game fan art stuffs, which is a big money maker. However it’s definitely not as rewarding as promoting your own original work. I would like to do more of this next year with the comic. If any of you have any suggestions of conventions you think I should take a look at, please let me know. I tend to be attracted to New England cons, but I should explore more too. n.n;

I want to thank all of you who came by this weekend and told me you read the comic! I loved talking to you all and certainly didn’t expect to meet so many of you at ConnectiCon. It was awesome! It was also great to meet new people on Friday, have them go home and read the comic and come back to me the next day telling me they enjoyed it. I love you all!

The best part of a convention, for me, is seeing my friends and Artist’s Alley buddies. Arty, Steve and Jake were workin’ the Sanshee booth with extreme fierceness whoring themselves out to any chick that would work their booth, selling awesome t-shirts, buttons and stickers with characters they did not create while making a profit and not being honest about taxes. I also met up with Shawn and saw his ADORABLE daughter, Sophie, who’s now the proud owner of her own Snickerdoodle doll. Rosscott was there representing his webcomic, The System, which is always awesome. Jimmy FTW, always. As I was leaving the con on Sunday, I heard my name being called. It was Beck, who I went to school with at SCAD. She was in my club, Shoujo Phonebook, which was a while ago for me now, so that was awesome. She was promoting a comics anthology that she’s part of called, Same Old Future.

I also had the opportunity to meet new webcomics people. I chatted up comics with Erik Amill of Biff the Vampire and Trevor Kent of Taka Comics. I made the rounds in the Artist’s Colony and discovered some new webcomics that I’m going to read the hell out of, Garanos, by the talented Alex Heberling. I bought a copy of her mini comic, “Alex’s Guide to a Life Well Lived,” and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m going to tackle Garanos on my lunch break tomorrow. Looks epic. I also got cards from Magical Princess Anya, Also Bagels (dude’s card is shaped like a bagel. Awesome.), White Rose, Knit Princess and Machinegun Angel.

I hope to go back to ConnectiCon next year. It’s a really great con for webcomics.

More Photos: Closeup of the table and half of Lindsay, Far East of the table, Snickerdoodle Army.