Awesome hair. They have it.Thought I would share with you all a retarded drawing I did yesterday because it’s fun to procrastinate and not do pages. I posted it on DeviantArt instead of making it a vote incentive for some reason. Sometimes I’ll post things over at my DA account for funsies.

I’ve also been making some more link buttons and banners for this webcomic, so if you feel so inclined to link back here, it’s easier now. I’ve posted all the buttons and banners on the About page as well as the Extras page.

Speaking of links, some great webcomics have been linking back to the Paul Reveres, which is really cool and gives me a warm feeling inside that’s probably illegal in some way. You should check out the new layout my buddy, Destinie, designed today for Disfunctional Pokemon Adventure. It’s got that cool graphic-designy grunge feel that is super awesome.

Also, one of my favorite webcomics, Dovecote Crest has suddenly moved servers to their own domain. They’re trying to spread the word to visit the comic at its new location, so if you’re a regular reader over there check out the new domain. If you’re not a regular reader at Dovecote Crest, you disappoint me.