For Patriots’ Day weekend, I headed down to Lexington and Concord for the reenactment events they have at Minute Man National Historical Park in Massachusetts. Not being able to actually take the Monday of Patriot’s Day off from work (*grumble*) I went down for the events on Saturday.

It was a lot of fun! They had reenactors from both sides as well as the civilian type such as children and women in the houses. Also, from looking at the pictures I took (behind the cut) you can see that there were some female reenactors in the battles too! Almost makes me want to get involved with doing that myself! (I would totally want to be a redcoat!)

It was super fun recognizing which uniforms I give to the characters in the comic. I instantly recognized the Dragoons Benedict is supposed to be from. They have a website you can check out too: 16th “The Queens” Light Dragoons Of course I’ve taken a lot of liberties when drawing Benedict’s uniform and cut down on some of the details. The British reenactors were so cool! They answered any questions we had and if we were walking too slow in front of a bunch of them they’d yell, “Make way for the Queen’s soldiers!” This was on their “retreat” back to Boston, so we let them pass. Good riddance! XD Yeah, I was a huge dork all day.

Despite being cold and rainy, it was a really fun time. Someone mentioned that in 1775, the weather was very similar that day so it was pretty authentic. So cold! I have to draw some more miserable looking people in my comic. Looks like I gave it nice weather instead. I think I’m more of a puffy clouds kinda person.

Anyways, I’d really recommend visiting Minute Man National Historical Park when they have the reenactors and even when they don’t. If you remember, I also posted a blog entry about when I visited the park in October of last year. There’s some cool pictures in there.

However, this time I got a lot more action-y type pictures. The reenactors were awesome!

If you want to see the gallery, click the link below! There’s a bunch of pictures… and there’s horsies!

The first bunch of pictures are from the battle at the North Bridge in Concord. It then progresses to Battle Road, the British outside the Captain William Smith House and the British returning back to Boston in front of the Hartwell Tavern.