The Green Mountain Boys – THE #1 boy band of the American Revolution. It’s obvious.

Ethan Allen does a good job!

Also, I created a Tumblr blog thing. If you have one you should follow me because then I’d have TUMBLRBUDDIES. That’s a real thing. I need them. I’m going to be using it mainly as a sketch/art blog, but will maybe sometimes have other stuff in it.

OH! I’ll also be at Anime Boston next weekend and I’ll have Union Jack-Offs t-shirts available! They’re black shirts and I have them available in magenta and white ink choices!

I already wore mine to the grocery store. Good times.

At Anime Boston, I’ll also have the print version of Issue #4 available for the first time as well as some secret items that may or may not come in time, but we’ll see. Hope to see you there! I’m in the Artist Alley at (table #89).