Yeah, Warren has a whole book with those kind of lines. They don’t get any better than that.

PAX East 2010As I mentioned last update, I’ll be attending PAX East this Saturday! Some webcomic buddies are planning a meetup in the mall attached to the convention center, in the food court, at 12:00 PM this Saturday. You can read more detail about this little event here: PAX East 2010 Meet-Up!

Also, what’s this? Johnny got a Facebook page?!
It’s true! Instead of making a “Paul Reveres” fan page on the ol’ book of faces, Johnny convinced me that he wanted to be in charge of making his own page. I mean, the kid isn’t very good with computers (he’s a different generation), but if there’s something he’s good at it’s being a creepy stalker. What better website to be the creepy-stalker type on than facebook? I really doubt there is any better website for that purpose.

Anyway, he’ll be updating his facebook page when the comic is updated (if that’s easier for you to follow) with his own comments and such. He’ll also be adding photos of himself such as previous vote incentives, new illustrations he did himself with his trusty crayolas, commenting on your photos telling you that Paul’s butt looks way better than yours, and perhaps he’ll even run some contests with actual prizes and such. It’ll be fun. You should become Johnny’s friend. Johnny needs friends.

Be Johnny’s Friend <3