I don’t think Gage is the one with the manners problem. RUDE!

Also, there won’t be an update next week. I’m dedicating 100% of my time next week to a comic I’m trying to send to the printers before August. So, see you guys back on August 2nd! WHICH, by the way, will be just in time before Boston Comic Con! Come visit me at my table in the Artist Alley if you’re going! My twin sister is going to be helping me out with the table, so if you see a girl who’s really nice at the table, that’ll be her. If you happen to meet a girl with mad looking eyebrows making mad eye contact with you at an uncomfortable level, you’ll know you’ve met me.

I kid.


And, BTW, I forget how terrible it is drawing characters with tattoos. Henry and Edward are my kryptonite if that makes sense or if I spelt kryptonite right. Tattoos are cool, unless it’s my boyfriend’s ugly woman tattoo or any of the tattoo’s on Ink Master. Haha, Ink Master. I like to watch Nascar car crashes and Ink Master. They are the same kind of enjoyment. If you ever watch that show, you know how annoying that guy is. You know the guy. The Bugs did a song about him. Check it out because it’s so accurate.