March 18, 2009 was the day I posted the very first page of The Paul Reveres online. It’s hard to believe that it will be our 4th Anniversary this Monday! So much has changed in these 4 years, it’s weird to think about how this whole story began and where I was personally back then. I’m grateful to all of you, my readers! Your feedback, seeing you all at conventions and your continued interest in the story and characters is what keeps me drawing. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing there are other people out there that think punk rock mixed with American history is a good match. I sometimes think of what differing ends of the spectrum I could have picked to create this story and world, but it’s always seemed like a perfect fit to me!

In celebration for this year’s anniversary, there will be TWO new pages next week! Please check back on Monday for the next page and then again on Friday!

There’s a lot of cool stuff coming up this year for the story and a few cons that I plan to do. Can’t wait to see where we are on the 5th Anniversary!