On March 18, 2009 I posted the first page of The Paul Reveres. I remember trying to finish it so I could launch my comic before attending the first “Webcomics Weekend” in Northampton, MA. That weekend I was working on comic pages in the hotel room surrounded by comic artists I had just met. Everyone was playing video games and I was the nerd with the laptop drawing her new baby webcomic so I wouldn’t miss the next update. They jokingly called me crazy and knew I must be new because “after 5 years you don’t care if you miss a page update.” I knew they were weirdos, because, well, they ARE comic artists, but that sentence just seemed so bizarre.

Six years later, I guess they were right. I miss my page updates like I miss gym days… frequently. Looking back, I felt burnt out. I was up until two or three in the morning every day working on comics, not getting enough sleep. I’m very stubborn. I’m proud that this comic, website, printing, con scheduling, marketing, promotion is all DIY and only me. It’s a lot to take on, but it’s all I ever want to do. When I was up until three in the morning and going into work the next day dragging, I just wanted to go home and make comics again. I hadn’t felt that way in the past few months. I felt that it was time to take time for me and relax, live like I didn’t have constant deadlines. Know what I did? I re-watched all of the X-Files… and… well, I’m sure there was something else… damn.

Realizing that it has been six years today that I first put this comic live is a good wake-up call that Paul and friends have been put on hold for far too long. My sleep schedule hasn’t changed because I haven’t been drawing. Everything is the same. The only thing that’s been missing has been comics.

Today’s new page update isn’t “Yay, it’s been six years, have a new page I guess, you suckers,” this is me getting back on schedule. It might be a rocky start over the next few weeks, but I’m pushing to get a page up every week and ultimately get back to Mondays as the update day. I’m taking it slow and steady this year. As of now, I don’t have any comic shows planned for 2015, but I’ll be looking into planning more for 2016.

It’s good to be back. It’s good to finally be able to finish Bunker Hill! I’m sure we all know how it’s going to end, right? What do we think of the lyrics? All lyrics in The Paul Reveres (even since George Washington’s first appearance, that I had to severely edit to keep PG-13) have been written by my fiancĂ© Mike. At cons, a popular question is, “Who’s the craziest fan of your comic?” I have to admit at that moment, it’s Mike. We met because he read this comic and commented. TRUE LOVE.


Six years is a looooong time and this comic has been a large part of all of it! Here’s to… another six???! Maybe I should update more than once a week!