Henry taking Willie’s side?! Say it ain’t so.

And how hard could it be to spare a little fabric to make Benedict his own kilt? What’s that, like only a quarter of what it would generally take?

I’ve mentioned this before, but this comic is updated on mirror sites as well. The mirrors don’t have a lot of activity yet, but it probably doesn’t help that I haven’t really let people know about it. Depending on how you like to read webcomics, the following options are available for The Paul Reveres:

  • Tapas: On Tapas, the updates will happen at the same time as the main site on Mondays. Nice if you want an alert on your phone.
  • Webtoon: On Webtoon, updates happen the first Monday of every month with a batch of pages. If you’d prefer reading this story in small chunks instead of page by page, this would be a good option.

Also, if you like to read here on the main site, you can get access to update alerts/reminders and additional content on social:

  • Facebook: Johnny does such a good job keeping up with his Facebook.
  • Twitter: I’m on Twitter far too much. I announce comic page updates when they go up.
  • Instagram: I post a lot of Paul Reveres artwork here and in stories when I’m working on new pages and illustrations.
  • Tumblr: Are we still using Tumblr? I am I guess. I’m playing with using it as a place to do character/story thinking. It’s gonna be dorky, I’m sure.