…aaaaand we’re back! Sorry about the prolonged absence from the comic. I got a new job, attended a bunch of rad/not so rad comic shows, and all sorts of adult-life stuff. It’s rough.

I’m happy to be back to The Paul Reveres! And what better time? The week of the anniversary of The Battle of Bunker Hill! What a coincidence, it’s like I planned it, if I knew how to plan things! Hope you’re all liking the new site too. I figured I’d come back BIG when I updated again. It had been five years since I put this comic online, so it was due for a new layout. There’s new and revamped content all over the site. Check out the “Characters” page for new descriptions and illustrations for everyone, download the brand new wallpapers in the “Extras” page, and holy crap we have a “Links” page now! I’m also happy to announce that comments are back on for all comic pages!

Let me know how you like all the new junk.

I also have ONE more comic show this year, Boston Comic Con (Aug 8-10) in Boston, Massachusetts. Anyone going? I’m planning to have a new sketchbook and things in time for the show. Should be fun!