I’ll be enjoying my 4th of July weekend watching fireworks and probably drawing some comics while I get ready for an upcoming convention and another never before announced appearance. Here’s what’s going down in July:

ConnectiCon, July 8-9, in Hartford, CT
The Paul Reveres table will be in their “Artists’ Colony”. I don’t believe they have a map of the room available yet, but I’ll keep you all posted. I’ll have all my regular items that you can find in the store as well as some new stuff such as Johnny Tremain goodies and Issue #5!

American Independence Festival, July 16, in Exeter, NH
The Paul Reveres will be outside under our own tent (so official!) and exhibiting at The American Independence festival as a vendor. I’ll have all the goodies listed in the store and the new swag I have prepared for ConnectiCon. Might have some free goodies (buttons, perhaps!) available as well.

I went to this festival last year and it was a lot of fun! They have demonstrations, a reenactment, the American Independence Museum and food too! I got a good picture last year of a British soldier eating fried dough. Seemed pretty authentic to me. Of course this is what I remember.

Also, for all you creative types, I wanted to mention an awesome contest currently going on over at The Paper Wings Podcast. Lora Innes (from The Dreamer) is a co-host of the podcast and I listen to it every time there is a new show, so I wanted to make sure to mention their contest. Those Wacom tablets are amazing. It’s one of the tools I use to draw The Paul Reveres every week! You can check out the official contest rules here.