I had a great time at MangaNEXT last weekend. I had an excellent table spot right at the entrance, so I got to meet a lot of people and at least not get lost in a corner or something where I usually end up.

I took a pit stop Thursday night after work and stopped in Connecticut to meet my friend, Liz, who I met through the comic, which is pretty rad. I heard about this con through her because she was staffing it as their editor.

Friday was a seriously slow day for sales. I think I made about like 2 monies by like 2PM or something. It was hard not to be a little discouraged, but the rest of the weekend was really awesome. Sales started to pick up on Saturday and I was able to talk with some other comic creators such as Lea Hernandez and Dirk Tiede.

Later on Saturday, I participated in Super Art Fight for the second time. I actually ended up making it to the final round winning against Jamie Naguchi, but lost to Michael Bracco. It was tons of fun. The Super Art Fight crew on Saturday also included Ross Nover, Marty Day, Dirk Tiede and probably others I forgot… ’cause I suck.

Later that night we all went to an awesome place of eating in NJ called Harold’s New York Deli Restaurant. You see that terrifying pile of meat to the right? Yeah, that’s A sandwich. T.T; Like 6 dudes couldn’t finish it. The cakes there were like 2 feet tall. So going back there.

At dinner I also finally met, Onezumi which was pretty rad. I’m seriously considering going to Intervention Con next year. And YOU should too! I hear that it’s a lot of fun and there are a lot of webcomics people there. I wanted to go this year, but I didn’t have enough vacation time at work to do so. Damn that 9-5.

Sunday was a great day as well for the con. I think I made the most comic sales that day, which is seriously weird for any con. Sundays are usually the slowest days. I also met Stevie Wilson, when she bought Issue 1 of The Paul Reveres and then came back later for the other two! I ended up commissioning her, as she was in the Artist Alley, for a totally rad Benedict and Willie illustration. Check it out on DeviantART!

In other news, it’s not looking good for me attending Anime Boston in 2011. I’m still going to try a few things and I am on the waiting list, but that con’s Artist Alley is humongazoid and ridiculous to get in. I know some of you were planning on Paul Reveres cosplay and the like, so it’s gonna suck if I can’t get a table.

Oh, and I’m kind of planning on being at New England Webcomics Weekend on Saturday. We’ll see what happens. I’ll post to twitter about it if I do end up going, rather than sleeping until 2PM.