Okay, some of you already figured that out. However, it’s okay YOU know. I still don’t think Paul does ’cause he’s wimp and runs away from problems.

I’m also participating in the Comic Creator’s Alliance this year. What is the Comic Creator’s Alliance, you may ask?

“We’re a group of Web Comic Creators, who have come together, volunteering our artistic talents to raise money for the purpose of ending human trafficking in the world today.”

Lora Innes, of The Dreamer, is putting this all together with the talents of well over 50 webcomic creators to make a wallpaper that can be purchased as a donation to the cause. I was honored to be asked to be in it from the beginning and I’m going to get my drawing in on time… or die. This is serious. I even made the effort to draw one of my like only 2 female characters. This comic is lacking the female persuasion, I admit.

I’ll keep you all updated when the final wallpaper goes up!