Long time no see, I know. But we should be back full swing now. Hope everyone in the USA had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. I’ve been a hermit these past two days. I did Black Friday once, so I thought it was best to stay alive and stay home today. HA!

If you look over to the right side of the site over there, you can see a bunch of cons have been added and confirmed for 2014. I’m still thinking about more shows to go to, especially during the summer months. If you have any suggestions on comic shows I should get a table at, let me know!

Last week, I worked on my submission for this year’s Comic Creator’s for Freedom drive. The drive goes live Monday, Dec 2nd! This year’s theme was “Awkward School Photos.” I chose Henry and Edward for their embarrassing 1990’s flashback. I’m a twin, you know, and these are the kinds of photos I had to take with my sister at school. Maybe we didn’t get black eyes from fighting in time for the photo, but it was awkward just the same. I’ll be plugging this drive again next week!