Against Me! is kind of a soft spot for this comic’s official “music advisor.” I kind of side with Willie.

Also, Yum! DOG FOOD. It’s some kind of pudding or mashy thingy. I’ll take bacon and eggs any day.

I’ve been meaning to write up little blog posts about Anime Boston and MoCCA, but I haven’t found the time. I just want to say that both cons were great and I had an awesome time meeting you all! There were so many of you at Anime Boston that had already read the comic and that gave me the damn warm-fuzzies. Also, did you know someone’s going to be cosplaying Willie at ConnectiCon this year? Yeah, how awesome is that?! Can’t wait! :D

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. I’ll be celebrating the Patriot’s Day activities at Minute Man National Historical Park this Saturday. I’m especially looking forward to the reenactment of the North Bridge battle. I’ll probably have a lot of pictures (of statue butts) to share with you next week!