Willie has many expressions: angry and, um, angry.

Also, the next page update will be Friday, December 11. I’m skipping Tuesday’s update (Again, but I swears it’s not going to be an ongoing problem.) ’cause I’m heading down on a mini vacation to see my BFF Lianne. We’re going to be visiting Mount Vernon! I’ve never been, so I’m really looking forward to it! I sure know how to spend days off of work… playing with history stuff.

On Monday or Tuesday you can expect one of those picture posts I like to do when I visit places. I’ll try to take some neat photos. I hear George Washington’s dentures will be on display! Fun times! You’ll probably want to be eating something when you look at my pictures. It’s going to be pretty appetizing. I’ll also be updating my twitter with pictures and such about my visit while I’m there ’cause it’s the future baby, and that’s how it goes.