Benedict shouldn’t ask those kind of questions if he’s not prepared for the answer. Healthy thing they have going there. Neat.

In lighter news, we haven’t seen Warren in forever! We’ve missed you, you hot mess of a man. Not to be undone, Cilla has appeared to show everyone who the true mess is. Girl, you gotta sort out your shit. We’ll be here waiting, but stop dragging Paul in.

Not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but this comic is updated on mirror sites as well. The mirrors don’t have a lot of activity yet, but it probably doesn’t help that I haven’t really let people know about it. Depending on how you like to read webcomics, the following options are available for The Paul Reveres:

  • Tapas: On Tapas, the updates will happen at the same time as the main site on Mondays. Nice if you want an alert on your phone.
  • Webtoon: On Webtoon, updates happen the first Monday of every month (after it catches up with the main story) and with a batch of pages. If you’d prefer reading this story in small chunks instead of page by page, this would be a good option.

Also, if you like to read here on the main site, you can get access to update alerts/reminders and additional content on social:

  • Facebook: Johnny does such a good job keeping up with his Facebook.
  • Twitter: I’m on Twitter far too much. I announce comic page updates when they go up.
  • Instagram: I post a lot of Paul Reveres artwork here and in stories when I’m working on new pages and illustrations.
  • Tumblr: Are we still using Tumblr? I am I guess. I’m playing with using it as a place to do character/story thinking. It’s gonna be dorky, I’m sure.