Apparently (I knew this was true all along) there are cool people in Internet-Land that read this comic and are super cool. I’ve received some fanart and other feedback that I’d like to share. You can click on the fanart thumbnails to see the full pieces on the artist’s DeviantArt gallery. I’d like to make a fanart gallery here, but that will be in the future.

The Paul Reveres | By Destinie
I think it’s really cool to see my characters done in another artist’s style. Destinie confessed that she never draws fat guys. It’s about time ( fat dudes are hot <.<; ).
Benedict save the Queen | By saruwarui
Oh man. The week she drew this, I was thinking about drawing a shirtless Benedict illustration only for the purposes of it being really silly because his body has the build of Mickey Mouse. However, saruwarui did a better approach.

I also want to give a shout out to Darc from the webcomic Code Name: Hunter for giving this webcomic an awesome plug last week in her news post. It sure gives me a case of the warm-fuzzies to know people are actually enjoying this comic.