My Memorial Day weekend was spent in Anime Boston‘s Artists Alley selling fan art stuffs for the kids and trying to promote this comic. Like I had mentioned before, I was giving away free buttons with the characters and such away. The whole bin of pins didn’t last the whole day on Friday. I didn’t even have the supplies to make more. You kids sure like free stuff. I think I’m always going to offer these pin designs for free at cons and maybe with book orders if I ever get around to that this summer.

Check out the crappy photo I took of the booth. Looking at it now, it seems I could do more to promote the comic, maybe the poster isn’t enough/big enough? This picture was also taken on Saturday, so you don’t get to see the bucket o’ free pins. As a consolation prize, you can see my sister manning the booth dressed up at the Scout from TF2. Shouldn’t I be the one behind the table? Probably. However, a lot more people come up to the table when she’s selling stuff. I think I scare people away. Maybe it’s because I spend my time peering from underneath the table and not talking. That would do it.

Besides being a freakin’ weirdo, I did meet some awesome people that really seemed interested in the comic. I ran out of all but 3 postcards and people were interested enough to take them and talk to me about it. I had to explain the use of the electric guitar in an 18th century setting. I told them it was all Ben Franklin kite power. Let’s not underestimate that man. I’m sure he did it just for the electric guitar too. Makes sense… to me.

The only weird thing that kept happening had to do with “The Union Jack-Offs” pins and postcard. People either loved the name or hated it. I felt more people thought the band name was humorous than not. It was fun seeing people wearing “The Union Jack-Offs” pins on their con badges all weekend. There was this one couple that came up to take a pin. The woman exclaimed the pin was gross and the guy was like, “I’ll take that!” LOL. I also heard the comments of “Best band name ever,” which is true. It’s so true that some little shits in the UK are using it too. Myspace told me so. However, we are the true originals here on Remember that. My DA buddy,~misternewuzer, came up with the name months ago and the band was born in comic form. Such a clever guy, that one.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Alison Acton of Bear Nuts, one of my favorite webcomics (Gimpy Bear, FTW). I bought an issue of her comic which was really nice and in full color. It was printed by Kablam, who I’ll be using to print with as well. It’s nice to see that the quality is there.

Also, I thought I would share that one of my con buddies introduced me to a PIRATE metal band. The lead singer uses a keytar, so he thought that would be up my alley. Guess what? It is. The band is called Alestorm and they actually have a new album coming out tomorrow. I did not know. Thanks for this one time, myspace. Why do some bands only have a myspace page anyways? I hate myspace. Hate.