This weekend I’m heading back down to Savannah, GA where I spent four year’s of my life slacking off with art kids. It’s that time of year where the Savannah College of Art and Design holds the Sidewalk Arts Festival, which was always tons of fun when I was a student there. It’s a big event where students and alumni get large squares on the sidewalk and draw something in chalk. There are prizes and such and history dictates that there is always a Chik-Fil-A stand, so that’s something to look forward to. Chicken and pickles, together.

I haven’t been in Savannah since I graduated so I’m totally excited to see the city again, eat food (SAKURA’S!) and see a lot of my friends… some of which I haven’t seen since graduation. Living in New Hampshire makes that kind of thing tough. And, oh yeah, I get to see my back-in-college boyfriend who I haven’t seen since December. Awesome.

I’ve been working out what I want to draw on my “square” at the damn thing, so I’ve been sketching and automatically drew Benedict, so you can check that out as this week’s vote incentive. You only get a certain amount of chalk and colors for this event, so I’m going to have to commandeer everyone’s red chalk. Sounds like a good way to keep old friends… stealin’ their shit.