Update Sept 25, 2011
Thanks for all your well wishes everyone! I’m FINALLY out of the hospital. I still can’t walk, but I’m finally in a situation where I will be able to draw again. I got a new computer now, just waiting on my tablet. I have an old (from 2002) 4×6 wacom tablet that I’m going to try to get working before my Cintiq tablet comes. So, perhaps in the next 2 weeks or so I will be able to start updating the comic! Be sure to watch my Twitter and Johnny’s Facebook for new comic updates when I post them.

Hey, Tina here. I just wanted to let you all know that there won’t be updates to the comic for the next month or so. I was in a really bad car accident a week ago. I broke both of my legs, like 6 ribs, my clavicle and my left hand. Also, both of my laptops were in the car with me and are also broken. I’m going to be in a rehab hospital for the next few weeks so it’s impossible to work on comic updates, even though I REALLY want to.

When I update again I’ll post to twitter and Johnny’s facebook to let you all know. My family has also been posting my status on Johnny’s facebook to keep everyone updated.

Thanks. I hope to be back soon!