So we finally get to meet the other two members of The Paul Reveres. I don’t know what kind of company Paul likes to keep, but these guys seem weird. I don’t even think Warren is alive.

↓ Transcript
As they approach the outskirts of the city, Benedict angrily replies, “Heh, fair enough. I’m sure Gage will oblige.”

While twins march ahead and Henry turns back to snarl, “He better.”

In the nearby Green Dragon Tavern, Paul’s two bandmates are waiting. Warren, a thin young man with sandy blond spiky hair, face piercings, and a tattered green jacket with spikes on his shoulders is passed out on the table surrounded by the empty steins he’s finished and a perfectly untouched pot pie. Toby, an overweight young man with a blue mohawk, face piercings, and a blue soldier’s uniform with a white waistcoat, tries to continue a conversation with Warren.

“Look Warren, the rain is starting to let up a little. I was hoping it would end before our show tonight,” he spoke to the back of his friend’s head.

He pauses to look at his incapacitated friend.

“Warren? Hey, you gonna eat your pie?”

Taking the silence as a response, Toby steals the pie over to his own pile of 3 finished pie tins and his own stein.