Ever get so annoyed that your complaints string together and you sound like a big asshole? Yeah, me neither. Definitely never happens to me all the time.

Welcome to Issue 12! Things are gearing up fast here and I’m so excited for the next page and the one after that and the one after that. I better get working!

↓ Transcript
Long Island – August 1776

Paul, Warren, and Toby are walking through the woods on a dirt road surrounded by Continental soldiers and a horse-drawn cart with black road cases. The Paul Reveres finally have matching uniforms to the other soldiers: blue coats with white facings and silver buttons, white shirts, waistcoats, and breeches. Their tall boots are shiny and new. Paul is carrying his Stratocaster in a black gig bag slung over his shoulder, Warren has his bass in a black gig bag as well, and Toby is carrying an 18th century military drum on a long white strap.

Distressed and angry, Paul rambles, “I trust Washington, but I don’t know if splitting up is the best idea. Howe’s going to attack the city while we’re stuck out here! Benedict is going to walk in there having tea and crumpets or whatever thinking he got one over us! He’s so annoying and-“

Annoyed, Toby and Warren listen along to Paul’s complaints in silence.

Paul, overheating and sweating from his new uniform, tugs on his shirt collar, “And this new uniform is SO HOT! SO many LAYERS!”

Warren, rolling his eyes, keeps following close behind in silence.

Paul stops immediately and turns around to Warren. To Warren’s surprise, he shoves his guitar at him exasperated, “Here, hold this! I HAVE to take off this wool coat!”

As Paul starts to take off is coat, a large black raven is overlooking the scene. No one really notices the bird, aside from one soldier who thinks it’s odd. Everyone else is looking at Paul being a total diva.

Suddenly, the raven swoops down from its perch! Surprised and scared, Toby and Warren clutch onto each other comically to avoid the bird’s wrath.

Paul is not so lucky. The raven claws at his head and Paul forces him to continue his tirade of complaints, “AARGH! MY HAIR!”

Paul, Warren, and their guitars are knocked to the ground.

Toby looks up at the raven as it flies away, “That bird was crazy!”

Warren agrees, “It’s huge!”

Paul looks around nervously as a thick fog surrounds them and fills the road and forest, “Hey, what’s with all this fog?”