I only have one “A Flock of Seagulls” song in my iTunes library. Is that shameful or should I be embarrassed?

↓ Transcript
Boston – March 1770

It was a calm, quiet, winter night. The full moon illuminated the city of Boston below. Paul Revere, a small boy with pink shaved hair and weirdly cut bangs in an attempt to look modern, sits next to his best friend, a lanky teenager with a blue mohawk and face piercings, Allen Williams. Their 18th century jackets, breeches, and tall white socks are in stark contrast to Paul’s magenta Fender Stratocaster guitar and Allen’s acoustic guitar.

The pair came up to this overlook to practice guitar often, but tonight would be very different.

Excited, Paul looks down at the city, “I heard the Sons of Liberty are playing tonight. I can’t wait until I’m old enough to join Sam Adams and his band.”

Visibly angry, Allen replies, “SAM ADAMS?! Why would you want to play for him? He’s not about the music. He’s only happy if he gets to stir up trouble.”

Paul turns away from him, beaming, “Well, I thought if I want to be in a band I might as well be patriotic.”

Allen was used to his friend being a little over the top, but this was too much. He is unable to disguise his disgust.

Embarrassed, Paul changes the subject and points at his magenta hair, “HEY! I’ve been working on my punk rock image. Did you see my hair? It’s super new.”

Allen leans in and touches Paul’s hair. Paul is mortified.

Allen jokes, “It’s not really punk though. It’s more Mike Score. Y’know A Flock of Seag-“

Suddenly, music blares from Boston.

Paul quickly turns and blurts out, “British POP?!”